A quick and simple method to combat car sickness

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A quick and simple method to combat car sickness
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During the holidays, people are often travelling about a lot and are making journeys that can often leave you feeling sick.  Travel sickness is not uncommon although some people are more sensitive to it than others.  People who have a bad coordination between their vision and their hearing are often affected.  Even drivers can suffer from it!  Here is a simple remedy and some general advice to avoid feeling travel sick.  

What you need:

  • Lemon essential oil (Not suitable for children under the age of 12 months.  Beware of allergies)
  • Sugar

Lemon essential oil is one of the rare essential oils that pregnant women can use (even if it is always good to be cautious) and it is also useful at combating morning sickness during pregnancy)

The steps:

1) Drip two drops of lemon essential oil onto your sugar.

2) Put it in your mouth and leave it melt on your tongue.

3) You should quickly be relieved of any nausea and will be more comfortable travelling in the car!

Other advice:

  • There are other great methods. Ginger for example is great for digestion problems and for sickness and can be used in cakes, sweets and herbal infusions.  Try this travel sickness remedy using ginger.
  • Less well known, but mauve or pale lilac can also work wonders.
  • Move you head and body as little as possible.  A good pillow or head support could be useful so that you have a comfortable position.
  • Whether on a plane or a boat, choose seats near to the middle as they are less subjected to movement.
  • Stare at an object or at the horizon. Reading or playing games will not help.
  • Being relaxed is the most important thing! Some good music or breathing exercises will help you stay calm.
  • Breath and take in air as much as possible. (Open the window, take a break, visit a site.) The heat will be not help, it is cold, fresh air you are looking for!
  • Eating too much and alcohol is not a good idea!

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