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A natural tip to help combat hair loss

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A natural tip to help combat hair loss
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Nobody likes losing hair.  Many of us can lose confidence in ourselves when see certain areas of thinning hair.  We understand your situation so that’s why we’ve got the perfect natural solution to help you out and halt your hair loss! 

There are many reasons why we lose hair.  It could be due to anxiety, stress, tiredness, you name it! For the first three you could perhaps try and relieve these factors by determining the root of the cause.  However how do you prevent your hair all falling out.  Don’t worry you don’t need an expensive transplant, all you need is some tried and tested natural solutions.

In this article we have an excellent remedy using rosemary which can help prevent you losing hair.  We’re not going to give you any false promises,  your hair isn’t going to grow back.  However this natural solution could limit the amount of hair that you lose.

What you need:

– A handful of rosemary

– 1 litre of table wine

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What to do:

1 – Pour the white wine into a large bowl.

2 – Then plunge your rosemary branches into the white wine.

3 – Lave the rosemary to infuse for a minimum of 3 weeks

4 – Once infused, pour the solution into a bottle

5 – Then rub this lotion into your dry hair.

6 – Let the mixture in your hair for several hours wrapped in a towel (ideally you should leave it for a whole night)

7 – Wash your hair as usual

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