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A list of 7 foods to avoid as they give you spots!

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A list of 7 foods to avoid as they give you spots!
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You may have already heard relatives say that cured meat, chocolate or other foods give you spots? However it is always hard to explain why we get pimples. Whether it is bad skin care regimes, genes or hormones we sometimes don’t have luck on our side if we want to have beautiful, clear skin. Nevertheless, the idea that what we eat is seen on our skin is not a silly one. Our skin is a eliminatory organ. When our organs can no longer do the work our skin then takes over. As a result our sweat can be more acidic that usual… or we can start to see a few spots developing! Why not try and reduce the amount of spot foods that you eat to see if that helps your skin.

1) Alcohol

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If you have realised that your skin is always in a terrible state after you have had a couple of glasses then you won’t be surprised to see alcohol on this list.  It is extremely sugary which can have an effect on your insulin levels and can create a hormonal imbalance, especially testosterone.  It is hard to avoid having a waxen complexion and an outbreak of spots on your skin after you have had a boozy night.  It is better to moderate how much you drink (two glasses at a maximum) or try non alcoholic beverages.  Both your skin and your health will be thankful and your parties won’t be necessarily less fun!

2) Milk

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A study from the famous American Journal of Dermatology has shown that those who drink two to three glasses of milk per day increase their risk of having severe acne by 44%.  Skimmed milk is particularly bad as although it has less fat it has more lactose than semi-skimmed milk.  The lactose and hormones in the milk can have a negative effect on our skin.  Cows are given estrogen derivatives so that they can produce more milk.  However traces of this product can then be found in the milk.  When ingested by humans these traces become androgens, especially testosterone which promotes sebum production and therefore pimples

If you can’t give up milk you can always choose an alternative like almond or hazelnut milk.  These milks are rich in vitamin E which is good for your skin which doesn’t leave us with any unwelcome surprises.  When you eat cheese you should try and avoid those that are goat or cow’s milk based.

3) White bread or refined food products

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We have already mentioned in another article that refined foods can be carcinogenic.  Deprived of beneficial nutrients and vitamins, they can encourage an increase of insulin in the blood such as sugar.  Refined plain flour is an extremely transformed product that is rich in glucose. As a result the skin is going to produce more sebum which will increase your risk of having spots and black heads.  Unfortunately, this is also true when it comes to white bread, refined rice and pasta.  It is better if you choose wholemeal ingredients whenever possible. You could also try spelled, rye or buckwheat flour as alternatives.

4) Steak and chips

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Unfortunately the lipids and proteins in red meat undergo a chemical reaction.  This is why it is added to the list of foods that can give you spots. It’s advanced glycation end products have many effects on the skin.  As well as encouraging aging skin, it makes the skin more fragile which can lead to imperfections! And if you pair it with fries it is a terrible cocktail for the skin…  It’s better to avoid this combination and replace it with lean meat or chicken and fry vegetables with little oil or steamed with butter for example.

5) Croissants and pastries

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Unfortunately this little morning treat is not only bad for your figure but also for your skin.  It is made with refined flour for a start which is added with sugar which is also refined.  What with these ingredients combined with fatty acids, milk and sodium you have a toxic mix for your skin.  It is best to not eat pastry treats too often but instead keep them for a tasty snack every now and then.

6) Potatoes

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This carbohydrate is not a friend of our skin what with it’s slow sugars and it’s high glycemic levels.  If you have potatoes with every meal watch out as this ingredient has the same effect as refined food products.  Therefore potatoes can encourage sebum production and can have negative associated effects!

7) Confectionery

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Chocolate doesn’t necessary have a negative effect on the skin.  It all depends on what type of chocolate that you choose.  It depends on the sugar content and the quantity consumed.  Some chocolate like milk or white chocolate are worse for you as they contain less cacao and more questionable ingredients.  However the sugar found in chocolate, confectionery, biscuits and other treats increases your insulin level and therefore encourages a higher secretion of sebum as explained earlier.  You should therefore choose dark chocolate which has undeniable health benefits if not eaten in too high quantities.

Dark chocolate is high in calories so make sure you limit how much you consume.  However your skin won’t benefit if you ban all sugary foods from your diet.


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