• dry skin
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    Dry skin: 6 ways to deal with peeling and flaky skin

    It is not very attractive seeing your skin peeling off but unfortunately it is very common in winter.  Between the cold temperatures and dry air, your skin ends up cracking and leaving flaky scales.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse you get run down with a cold and you nose starts to […] More

  • Phone charger
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    Simple knack to repair a phone charger cable

    Phone users will surely agree on three common points when it comes to charger cables: we never have one when we need one, when your battery is flat you can never find one and they are incredibly fragile! It might be difficult to change a scatterbrain into an organized person who no longer loses their […] More

  • Dust

    Simple way to get rid of dust in one fell sweep

    Dust is the number one enemy in households as it can be a particularly tough opponent, which is always there.  It can sneakily slide into corners that are impossible to reach or objects that are difficult to dust.  What’s more it comes back even though we have sweated from our forehead to get rid of […] More

  • Chapped lips
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    Chapped lips: 5 natural ways to soften dry lips this winter

    Cold weather can uncompromisingly attack our fragile skin and any exposed parts of our body can suffer including our face and hands.  However it is our lips that have the biggest difficulty when confronted with the cold.  They can become cracked, chapped and irritated.  Due to the lack of sebaceous glands which create a lipidic […] More

  • static hair

    Static hair: 6 tips so your hair no longer stands on end!

    In winter, you can often feel like you hair is standing on end and is sticking to your face.  There is without a doubt electricity in the air!  Dry air means that our hair becomes charged with static electricity.  The works a bit like magnets… But do we have to put up with this half […] More

  • blood stain

    How to remove a blood stain from clothing

    There aren’t any magic spells that you can recount to get rid of blood stains however you can use a simple magic potion… it just happens that it is the elixir of life.  All you need to remove stains from your clothes is some cold water! Read on to find out how!  IMPORTANT NOTE: Never use […] More

  • verruca

    Simple tip to get rid of a verruca using garlic!

    Garlic is not just your life saver if vampires are in town, as this classic ingredient can be used to cure many daily complaints.  A real natural antibiotic, garlic can help you to prevent and cure internal health issues from intestinal problems to heartburn as well as external health issues such as annoying verrucas!   How […] More

  • bronchitis

    Bronchitis : 5 easy natural remedies to relieve symptoms

    You can spot bronchitis a mile away with it’s characteristic symptoms that are more than just annoying.  There is of course the tiredness and the fever but the worst is of course the cough and the excess of mucus that every time ends with chest pain.  If you don’t treat bronchitis properly it can quickly […] More

  • essential oils
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    Essential oils: 8 simple uses in daily life

    If you have already been on over by the powers of essential oils the you will have no difficulty believing us when we tell you that they know how to do everything!! Essential oils can be used everyday whether it is to make us feel better, to perfect household chores or to take care of […] More

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