• Gaining weight

    Dieting: 5 tips to avoid gaining weight after a diet

    Lots of people start a diet whether as a new years resolution, an attempt to get the perfect bikini bod or so as to fit into that dream dress.  However the majority of people who start a diet put the pounds back on only a few months in.  Why is this?  Our body sees this […] More

  • Microwaves
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    Microwaves: 6 functions you never knew it had!

    Microwaves can sometimes be man’s best friend.  Practical and simple to use, they are not only useful for reheating meals or defrosting meat from the freezer.  Microwaves have many other less heard of uses that can help us out in everyday life.  Although some of its uses are far from the field of cooking, these […] More

  • Make your dog smell fresh

    Dogs: natural shampoo to make your dog smell fresh

    We love our dogs with all our heart.  Love giving them tickles, love it when they splash about however we are well aware that they can start to smell!  When the smell becomes too unbearable it is time to give your furry friend a doggy bath.  However shop-bought shampoo are not always the best option. […] More

  • How to clean an iron

    How to clean an iron that is looking worse for wear

    Your iron might be looking past it’s best but it doesn’t let you down.  It is always on hand to help smarten your clothes for a wedding, an important meeting or a job interview.  However, it’s loyal service comes at a price, as the base of your iron starts to look a bit worse for […] More

  • Make your own soap
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    Make your own soap for clean, soft and beautiful hands

    Washing our hands is something we do numerous times a day.  However this habitual and necessary gesture can often leave our hands feeling dry and itchy.  What is more some of the ingredients found in shop-bought soap can dehydrate and irritate our skin even more.  It is better to make your own soap so you […] More

  • Cleaning microwaves

    Cleaning microwaves: Simple and fuss-free method

    A lot of people distrust microwaves, using it rarely or not at all!  On the contrary, others couldn’t do without it especially when it comes to reheating meals from the night before or even making hot chocolate in the morning.  Everyone has their own way of doing things after all. However microwaves can get very […] More

  • anti-aging rice mask
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    How to make an anti-aging rice mask

    In one of our recent articles we have already noted the amazing different uses of rice water.  Rice is a beauty secret taken from Asian cosmetic culture.  This basic ingredient is rich in linear acid, scalene and antioxidants which makes it an excellent beauty product to have in your bathroom cupboards! Read on to discover how […] More

  • Peeling garlic

    Garlic: 4 easy peeling methods

    Peeling garlic is easy but when you need to peel lots of garlic your work surface can soon turn into battlefield.  There is skin everywhere (especially on you, otherwise that wouldn’t be funny) and it sticks to everything! The smallest cloves are often the most difficult to peel.  Here are some simple methods to speed […] More

  • smelly sponge

    Smelly sponge? Give it a new lease of life with this simple technique

    You might think that a cleaning cloth would smell good but it is rarely the case.  The worst culprit is the kitchen sponge which can quickly start to smell bad even though we use fresh smelling washing up liquid to clean away our delicious meals. A smelly sponge is caused by bacteria and poorly rinsed residue. […] More

  • citrus-scented wax
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    Make your own citrus-scented wax to brighten wooden furniture

    Wooden furniture can sometimes start to look a bit dull and faded.  When this happens it’s time to give your furniture it’s shine back with a homemade wax.  This citrus-scented wax recipe is ideal as it is so simple to make.   Solid yet easily malleable thanks to a mix of essential oils and bees wax, this […] More

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