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    Clean your ceramic or induction hob with these 5 tips

    Cooking on a ceramic or an induction hob is always a pleasure, however, cleaning them isn’t always easy! Although during cooking, you get a very precise temperature, for cleaning, you have a fragile surface that is prone to streaking. Here are our best tips to shine up your cooktop without running the risk of damaging […] More

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    Prolong your phone battery life with these 8 tips

    Does your phone battery never last more than a day? In certain situations, this can get very annoying. But don’t blame your innocent phone, it’s not the fault of your trusty companion, but your insatiable hunger for all sorts of apps! Here are a few practical tips for making the most of your phone charges. […] More

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    Revive your black clothes with these 7 tips

    Are your black suits or your favourite Marylin Manson t-shirts fading and starting to lose their lustre? Don’t condemn them to the bin just yet – we have a few tips to help you out! Here are 7 practical recommendations that will allow you to easily revive the black colour in your clothes.  1/ Don’t […] More

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    Essential oils for common ailments: 12 problems and the essential oils to relieve them

    Chemical medications have had their day. Nowadays, people are returning to more natural methods, with organic cosmetics and essential oils. And did you know that most common problems can be very effectively treated with just a few drops of essential oils? Cuts, bruises, stress or minor infections – treat all your everyday ailments with nothing […] More

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    Prevent grey hairs with this surprising tip!

    Are you barely 30 and already noticing a few greys? It’s not the end of the world. Here is an easy tip to maintain your colour and shine, and to delay the appearance of these little nuisances, which remind you that life passes all too quickly! Ingredients: 4 grams of iron sulphate 250 grams of […] More

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    Clean your barbecue grill with any of these 10 easy techniques

    Barbecue season is in full swing! Burgers, steaks, chicken skewers and grilled vegetables galore – the taste of summer! All food seems to taste better barbecued, but after having tucked into your tasty meal comes the less fun part… Yes, the grills have to be cleaned! And perhaps you’re not too sure of exactly how […] More

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    Clean your computer with this home made recipe

    Did you know that the keys of your keyboard could host more bacteria that your toilet seat? It’s unsurprising when you think about the number of hours you spend tap-tap-tapping away at them! Returning after lunch, after toilet breaks and numerous other little odd jobs – your computer keyboard is exposed to all kinds of […] More

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    Natural dishwasher powder made from only 3 ingredients!

    There is nothing more annoying than realising on a rainy Sunday afternoon, when no shops are open, that you have run out of dishwasher tables. The plates that have built up in the sink from last night’s lasagna are destined to stay forever encrusted in dirt! Well not if you have these 3 ingredients to hand, […] More

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    21 ingenious ways to use clothes pegs

    As you are sure to be well aware, we LOVE finding new ways to use common objects in order to make them more useful. Today we’re talking about clothes pegs, and as you are about to see, they are not only for hanging out clothes! 1) The simplest but most practical use is for sealing […] More

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    Home made lavender soap for mini-moments of relaxation

    Although lavender is a traditional plant, we never tire of this pretty purple flower, which never seems to goes out of fashion. Its gentle fragrance brings back happy memories to some people, while other people find it relaxing and soothing. Its therapeutic properties, as surprising as they are varied, make this essential oil a real […] More

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