• old tights
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    Old tights: 11 great ways to use holey tights

    Everyone has old pairs of holey tights lying around that we can be bothered throwing out.  Sometimes they have shrunk in the wash or sometimes the elastic has gone.   Instead of throwing them all out before buying a new stock, organise your tights drawer and reuse your old pairs using some of the ideas below.  […] More

  • Coffee fans

    Coffee fans will love these ten top tips

    Some people never let go of their bottle of water, others spend all day sipping tea while other have a thirst for coffee that is difficult to quench. Divine aromas of coffee grains which offer an incredible variety of flavours and sensations can easily make you an addict!  If you are incessantly drinking strong brews, […] More

  • homemade stock cubes

    Homemade stock cube recipe

    We put stock cubes into the pan for frying up vegetables or even add them to water for cooking rice or pasta.  However stock cubes are an unnecessary waste and often you find ingredients that you can’t understand or which are harmful to our health or the environment such as E621, palm oil or allergens.  […] More

  • Wooden furniture
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    Top ten tips to care for wooden furniture

    Wooden furniture is an interior design classic.  The vast variety of choice and their robust structures make them very attractive pieces of furniture. They can give off a traditional look full of charm or be more modern with their sleek varnishes or fashionable dyes. However you can’t forget to care for your wooden furniture as […] More

  • Surprising uses of salt
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    Salt : 10 surprising uses for this kitchen staple

    Of course salt is used to season your dishes.   However seeing as it is best not to over use the salt shaker for health reasons, it is good to know about it’s other great uses! In some situations salt can be used to replace bicarbonate of soda and little grains of salt can be really […] More

  • Bicarbonate of soda

    Bicarbonate of soda: 9 tips to make life easier in the kitchen

    We don’t know about you but we are really addicted to bicarbonate of soda! It’s always disappointing to see your pot coming to an end as you know you’ll need to buy another one soon so that we don’t miss it. (Yes, it is a bit like a drug!).  You need to be aware that […] More

  • Dilated pores

    Dilated pores: 3 masks to firm up your skin texture

    Dilated pores are the unsightly holes that speckle the skin. Depending on the person these pores can be more visible than for others which can make your life miserable.  They are often caused by genetics, bad skin hygiene, an unhealthy lifestyle, too many black heads that widen the pores, dehydration, hormones, sagging skin caused by […] More

  • Cleaning the floor tips

    Cleaning floors: 9 great tips

    Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, picking things up…. cleaning the floor can easily become like a gym class that is rather intense!  However when beads of sweat start forming our your brow, you begin to wish that there were some handy tips to make your life easier when you are carrying out these chores.  Well you’ll be […] More

  • Wooden floor
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    Spruce up your wooden floor with these 5 tips

    Wooden floors have a particular charm about them but with time they can lose their tidy appearance.  Scratches start to appear in places and discoloured marks stain the floor.  A nice looking wooden floor needs some special maintenance.  That’s why it is always good to have some helpful tips to keep it in good condition. […] More

  • bathroom tips
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    16 great tips to keep your bathroom clean and fresh

    Do your friends say you spend too much time in the bathroom?  Don’t worry, a lot of us like to pamper and preen ourselves plus it is important to give yourself some “you time”! It is a place where we can relax, forget about everything that’s been bothering us and feel good. Nevertheless it is […] More

  • tomatoes

    Surprising technique to keep your tomatoes fresh

    There are many ways that people like to store tomatoes. Some people keep them in the fridge while other never do preferring to keep them at room temperature.  However there is another less well known technique of putting your tomatoes into the freezer. This method helps to keep your tomatoes longer (up to six months) […] More

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