9 ways to use potato peel. Never again throw it out!

9 ways to use potato peel. Never again throw it out!
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Even if potato skins can absolutely be consumed, and contain lots of nutrients, many people remove them before cooking potatoes. For some people, it’s a question of texture or taste, while others are concerned about the chemicals that could be found on the skin. If this is one of your (bad) habits, you will be happy to learn that potato peels can in fact be used intelligently, and that additionally, their high iron, calcium, potassium and fibre content can be put to good use!

  • Clean the inside of anything made from stainless steel with potato peel. This will shine up the stainless steel like nothing else!
  • Put the washed peels into your cooking oil for a few minutes and strain it with a sieve. The oil will be deodorised.
  • Put a thick peel on a minor burn to help it heal. Change the peel regularly.
  • Sprouting peel can be used to grow potatoes.
  • Use potato peels as a fertiliser for promoting plant growth. You simply need to place them at the base of your plants.
  • Use the peels to treat sunburn. The starch will soothe sunburn or any redness or burning.
  • Some people give them raw to their chickens or their dogs (mixed in with other food), while others don’t do so for fear of chemical products in the skin. It’s up to you to decide!
  • Treat spots or dark circles under your eyes by applying potato peels for a few minutes.

And finally, our favourite and a favourite of food-lovers:

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  • Make spicy, crusty and tasty potato skin chips!