9 top tips for removing the smell of must

9 top tips for removing the smell of must
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We are all only too familiar with this typical odour, and have no trouble identifying what is assaulting our nostrils. This unpleasant musty smell is common in winter time, when we have less of a tendency to air our homes, for fear of letting the heat out. However, opening the windows is one of the best ways of protecting our sensitive noses from this infamous smell, especially if you couple your efforts with a deep clean of your home (the insides of your presses etc. and bedding included). However, if a musty odour takes hold, there are a few techniques for getting rid of it. 

In a room

1) Close the windows. Spray some vinegar in the room and leave it closed for a few hours. Air the room afterwards for a few minutes to get rid of the smell of vinegar.

2) To make a room smell good again, there is nothing like rubbing a few drops of an essential oil of your choice to the light bulb. Once it is switched on, the fragrance will spread throughout the room.

3) Stick a few cloves into an orange which you leave somewhere in the room. This will replace the musty odour.

In a wardrobe, a press or a set of drawers

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1) Boil up some milk and pour it into a cup. Place the cup inside the piece of furniture and leave it for two hours.

2) Put a few dried lavender seeds into a small canvas sachet, and pop it into the piece of furniture.

3) Take a few cloves and put them in a cup. Leave the cup inside the furniture for a few hours.

For each of these tips, keep the piece of furniture closed as much as possible.

For a rug or a carpet

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Sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda on the rug or carpet in question and leave it to work overnight, hoovering it up the next morning.

Treat a fabric

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Put the curtains or items of clothing affected by a musty smell near a radiator or out in the sunshine. The heat will get rid of any odours.

Inside empty jars

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Put a cube of sugar into a musty jar and close it.