9 tips and tricks to really work your high heels

9 tips and tricks to really work your high heels
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At some time or another, we have all cracked, and bought a pair of high heels too high for us. They often end up in the cupboard -we look at them with longing, but don’t dare to wear them, for fear of breaking an ankle or simply looking ridiculous. Here is how to maintain ease and allure in even your highest of heels. 


1) Choose your heels well

First off, it is crucial to choose a model of high heel that suits your feet. You should feel that your foot -especially the sole of your foot -is supported. Don’t limit yourself to one style, try out a variety to see which one works best for you.

2) Heels with insoles

If you want to avoid too much pain in your feet, treat your heels to a thick insole that will easily absorb shock. If you don’t already have a pair, you can find small discreet insoles designed especially for sandals etc.

3) Make your insoles less slippy

To avoid bad falls, rub your insoles with sandpaper, to give them better grip.

4) Stilettos or wedges?

If you are new to heels or simply not used to wearing stilettos, consider wedges, that will help you get used to wearing heels. Always start with low wedges and increase the height little by little. And oh yeah, don’t spend all day in high heels!

5) The solidity of the heel

They shouldn’t be either too fine or too thick for your size, and the heel should be attractive. For example, curvier women should opt for slightly thicker heels, to ensure they can walk with ease. If you have a smaller frame, avoid heels that are too thick, which could look clunky.

6) The height of the heel

The height of your heels should be between 2cm and 10cm. Heels that are too high or too low can cause back pain. In addition, your feet can suffer and age badly.

7) Small steps

If you generally walk quickly with long strides, in heels you need to slow down! Take smaller steps to avoid getting tired and risking twisting an ankle.

8) Stand up straight

Imagine that you are suspended from a string, or train yourself to walk with a pile of books on your head. This is an excellent exercise that helps prevent you walking in an unattractive slouch.

9) Practice!

Now that you have plenty of advice, in order to get you walking with ease, practice when you can! When you come home from work, when you’re doing the hoovering -whenever, just wear your heels and watch yourself move with more ease and grace.

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