9 home remedies for age spots

9 home remedies for age spots
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All women of a certain age start to notice these unattractive stains appearing with time. The stains develop on the most exposed areas such as the face,  neck and hands, and often give away a person’s age. The main cause of course is sun exposure, which is enemy number one for the skin, which we don’t want to see ageing! 

Importantly, these spots are benign. But it’s true, they’re not the most attractive. So here are 9 simple and 100% natural remedies to reduce their appearance.

1) Fresh lemon juice

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Citric acid is an natural whitening agent which exfoliates the skin and reduces stains. You simply need to apply it twice a day, every day, and leave it to work for at least 30 minutes (although be aware that it could give an unpleasant tight feeling to the skin). You will see improvements within a few weeks.

Be careful, as lemon makes the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays, so wait until the juice is well dried before going outside.

2) Apple cider vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar naturally contains AHA which reduces spots on the skin due to sun exposure and age. Mix it with olive oil to render your skin smooth and soft after 20 minutes. You may notice some tightness or redness, but this is normal if you have sensitive skin. You can dilute the mixture if necessary with a little water.

3) Onion juice

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The sulphur in onions is an excellent antiseptic and their acid facilitates exfoliation. If your skin cannot tolerate lemon, onion is an excellent replacement. You simply need to rub a slice of onion to the area two or three times a day.

You can also mix a dessertspoon of onion juice and two dessertspoons of honey and apply this to the affected area. Leave it to work for 15 minutes before rinsing it well to remove the odour. Repeat once or twice a day.