9 game changing tips for fighting the cold and keeping warm

9 game changing tips for fighting the cold and keeping warm
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We may love the colder seasons for their crisp air, their white snows, frosty mornings, cosy fires and excuses to do winter sports, but on the other hand, there is a certain amount of misery involved! Feeling too cold is never a pleasant sensation, and we could well do without it. To face down the cold weather and keep you cosy, there are many solutions. Here are a few of the best!

1) Keep your clothes near the radiators to make it nicer to put them on in the mornings

Credits: PIX1861 / Pixabay

In winter, we know that we need to wear warm clothes. But have you noticed that in order to do so, you have to go through the painful step of subjecting your warm body to icy cold garments? As a preventative measure, leave them near the radiator or a heat source overnight to make getting dressed in the morning a more pleasant experience.

2) Sleep with a hot water bottle at your feet

Credits: Peng / Wikimedia Commons

You are sure to already use a hot water bottle, but why not try putting it between the sheets a short while before going to bed, to heat the bed up and ensure you’re not afraid to get in under cold covers?! Once you are in, you can move it around gradually to heat the entire bed, and finish by placing it near your feet to provide heat to your whole body.

3) Layer up

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The more layers of clothing you wear, the more layers of air you have between each of them. These layers of air help you stay warm and insulate you from the cold. But you need to think about the materials you use: for the layer in contact with the skin, ideally go for cotton or a material that absorbs sweat. Wool is obviously a classic for outer layers, but don’t forget about other materials designed for cold environments. Finally, there’s nothing like a pair of tights under your trousers.