8 things you can do for beautiful hands

8 things you can do for beautiful hands
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Our hands are more fragile than we may think, and daily life can be hard on them, especially because the skin of the hands is fairly fine. Between the aggressive products and everyday tasks we subject them to, age spots can quickly start to form and our little habits such as chewing on the parts of skin around the nails can do more harm than good. However, taking care of our hands is very important, considering how much we use them for, and how crucial they are to us. Applying hand cream is great but it is not enough! Here are 8 things you can do for beautiful hands with soft, supple, healthy skin.  

1) Wear gloves for doing the washing up, the housework and the gardening.

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Protecting your hands from dirt, grease or the cleaning agents in your products is the best way of keeping them soft and hydrated. You can easily buy rubber gloves in the supermarket (even people who are allergic to latex can find gloves made from other materials to protect their paws).

2) Pay attention to what you use to wash your hands

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Certain soaps are worse for your hands than you may imagine. Keep hydrating soaps in your bathroom to avoid drying out your hands. You can even make your own soaps yourself, with a mixture of Castile soap, coconut and essential oils (to add fragrance). Making your own soap is the best way to be sure of what it contains.

3) Apply lip balm to your cuticles to prevent dryness

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You will be less tempted to bite them and thus will avoid making things worse!

4) Regularly exfoliate your skin

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This will remove dirt, microbes and dead skin cells, while promoting better circulation and adding a little hydration. You can do so with a hydrating hand soap (see point number 2) and sugar. Mix the two until you obtain a paste and use it to scrub your skin.

5) Wear sunscreen

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It is the sun that ages the skin the most and that causes age spots and wrinkles! Go for an SPF of at least 30. And above all, don’t forget to re-apply it…

6) Treat brown spots to reduce them!

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If you already have brown spots, natural remedies can help get rid of them. Have a look back at our recent articles to find one on how to get rid of age spots, if you haven’t seen it already.

7) Hydrate… and re-hydrate!

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Hydration is the key to beautiful hands, which will continue to be the case for years to come. You have a choice of ammunition: simple creams, hydrating bars or butters that you can rub to the skin.

8) Try essential oils

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Certain essential oils are excellent for making your skin healthy and luminous, while also helping fight against age spots. For healthy skin, you can use essential oils such as lemon, lavender or incense, which you can add to your home made hand care products!

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