8 practical ways to re-use an old toothbrush

8 practical ways to re-use an old toothbrush
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A toothbrush keeps for 3 months, after that it needs to be changed, to maintain optimal dental hygiene. The problem is that the used brushes accumulate, and we never quite know what to do with them. Discover the following tips to give them a new lease of life and find new and handy uses for them! 

First of all, if you would like to disinfect your toothbrushes, soak them for a few seconds in boiling water, or leave them for an hour in some white vinegar.

1/ To clean difficult to reach areas around the house. Taps, grouting and computer keyboards will no longer get the better of you!


2/ To clean your jewellery. Toothpaste is also effect for cleaning blackened silver. With your toothbrush, you can give your jewellery a good deep clean.


3/ To clean your nails. Rather than buying a nail brush, use your old toothbrush!

4/ To brush and shape your eyebrows. The little rebel hairs will never again stray out of place!

5/ To clean the soles of your shoes. It’s always the same story, once earth and dirt has decided to lodge itself into every little furrow of the soles of your shoes, it’s impossible to get them looking as good as new. Now, it’s possible!

6/ To clean traces of pen, marker or crayon from the walls. With a little shaving foam and your old toothbrush, you’ll have no more hassle in getting rid of the evidence of your children’s antics!

7/ To apply a colour to your roots, or to the longer strands of your hair. No more need for a professional application brush, your old toothbrush will do the trick!

8/ To clean your hair brush. When we want to clean a hairbrush, it is sometimes difficult to reach every little part of it and extract every little hair that has decided to live permanently at the base of the brush. With your toothbrush, you’ll be able to remove every last bit.