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7 tips to avoid inner thigh irritation

7 tips to avoid inner thigh irritation
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Summer is the season for dresses and skirts. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when most women run the risk of irritation around their inner thighs. It is important to point out this is not just something that affects curvy women. It is in fact a question of body shape, and not of weight, and more than half of women suffer from this problem. For those who do, it is due to rubbing between the thighs, associated with heat and sweat. Once your thighs start to get red, the situation rapidly becomes unbearable. Have a look at these tips to help you avoid the problem and soothe irritation.

1/ The first piece of advice we can give you is to wear shorts, three quarter length pants or full length trousers instead of skirts or dresses. Whatever the item of clothing, the important thing is that the thighs don’t touch each other. With shorts, your skin is protected, you’re not too warm and sweat doesn’t have the chance to build up and irritate your thighs.

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2/ If skirts and dresses are a must for you, it is still possible to wear them, with cycling shorts or leg cuffs underneath them. This works in the same way as a pair of shorts, and protects the parts of your thighs that touch. In addition, leg cuffs are bands of lace, that look a little like garters -sexy, right?

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3/ Sudocrem, initially designed to prevent nappy rash in babies, could also be very effective to prevent irritation between your thighs. The cream forms a layer between your thighs that also has an antibacterial effect. This soothes pain if your thighs are already damaged and can also limit further irritation. It is recommended that you massage the cream into the affected areas and leave it to work.

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4/ Deodorant is a good way of avoiding irritation. In fact, applying it between the thighs limits sweating and thus prevents friction burns. Antiperspirant deodorants are therefore the best ones to help solve the problem. Always try to go for the most natural products possible.

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5/ Coconut oil also has antibacterial and antiperspirant properties. If you apply it regularly to your inner thighs it can prevent irritation. A further bonus is that it smells lovely and your skin will become extremely soft, thanks to its hydrating properties.

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6/ Talc can also reduce perspiration, and it’s an excellent way of soothing pain from friction burns and irritation. However, you need to apply it several times a day to ensure it is completely effective, because rubbing between the thighs makes it come off. Nonetheless, it keeps your skin dry while it lasts, and the area won’t become damp, which prevents irritation.

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7/ If you would like to create your own magic anti-irritation product, all you have to do is mix 60 mls of green tea, aloe vera gel and lavender oil. You simply have to apply the mix to your inner thighs and that should do the trick. It is important that it is applied evenly for maximum effect.

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