7 techniques to remove pilling from jumpers

7 techniques to remove pilling from jumpers
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Pulling the large pieces of pilling off your clothes with your hands may be fun and relaxing for a while, but it soon becomes tiresome and pilling makes your clothes look old and used. And when we have the misfortune to find that a brand new coat or jumper has immediately started to pill, it’s a big disappointment.

Clothes often start to pill with time or when we wash clothes of different materials all together. But whatever the cause, one thing is for sure: we want rid of them. And in the cold of winter, going out without a jumper is out of the question! Here is how you can get rid of pilling on your clothes…

1) Use an old roller for your hair. Simply roll it over your clothes or use it to rub them down.

A Thrifty mrs
Credits: A Thrifty mrs

2) If you have a velcro strip to hand, you can use it to the same effect.

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3) Rub the pilled area with sandpaper (without rubbing too hard). The jumper will be as good as new!

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4) A rub of a pumice stone will put an end to pilling

Choose a good quality pumice stone that won’t crumble too easily.

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5) The swipe of a razor will remove anything in its wake!

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6) Are you really stuck for something to use? Try the rough side of a sponge, and watch the pilling disappear!

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7) A comb can be used to remove large pill.


A few tips to prevent the pilling from recurring:

  • Wash the garment inside out and opt for a gentle wash cycle.
  • Use a liquid detergent, which won’t rub against the fibres.
  • Dry the garment in the fresh air rather than in the tumble dryer.
  • The next time you are clothes shopping, go for tight knits that are less likely to pill.