7 surprising laundry hacks

7 surprising laundry hacks
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We all do our laundry, but we are never 100% satisfied with the results! We know that if we take a bit of extra care, we can ensure our clothes last longer and keep their quality. These simple but genius tips can shake up your habits in everything from cleaning clothes to maintenance of your machine! This could help you spend less on commercial products that advertisers are never done trying to sell us.

1) Preserve the colour of your jeans and slow down the fading process


Put a bowl of water and a bowl of salt into a mixing bowl, and soak your jeans. Turn them a few times in the water so that they are soaked through.

2) Remove odours from your jeans


This tip, suggested by Levi jeans, consists of putting your jeans in a freezer bag and leaving them in the freezer. Handy for those with a tendency to use a little too much detergent!

3) Avoid shrinking and fading of clothes


Cold washes are perfect for this. They are particularly good for washing jeans and ensuring they last as long as possible.

4) To remove wrinkles when you don’t have an iron to hand


Use a hairdryer to remove wrinkles. You need to dampen the fabric if you want this to work to best effect. Pull on the fabric and blast it with the hairdryer. For collars or other easily accessible areas, a hair straighteners will do the trick.

5) For whites that are whiter than white


Add 250 ml of white vinegar to the drum during the rinse cycle.

6) To conserve dark colours


The same as with white clothes, but use salt instead of vinegar. This is highly recommended the first time you wash something you have just bought.

7) To clean a machine that is emitting a bad smell


Pour a glass of mouthwash into the drum and run a rinse cycle. This disinfects the machine and removes any dodgy odours.

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