7 plants that keep mosquitoes at bay

7 plants that keep mosquitoes at bay
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When your friends, family and colleagues see you, they see a human being. When mosquitoes see you, they see a starter, main course and dessert! To keep a safe distance from these pesky summer critters, who seem to like us a bit too much for our liking, there are plenty strategies, However, not all of them are great for our health and our environment. Certain insecticides are toxic for children and animals. This is why we have compiled a list of seven plants you need to know that will naturally keep mosquitoes at bay. Say goodbye to the incessant “bzzzzzz” that keeps you awake at night! 

So how does it work? Mosquitoes have an excellent sense of smell (this is how they find  you in the dark, even when you’re trying to hide under the covers!). These plants diffuse odours that you will find pleasant, but that mosquitos will dislike and which will disorient them.

1) Citronella

It’s lemony aroma is a delight for us, but a horror for mosquitoes. It can be grown in a pot. In your garden, it will attract bees.

2) Catmint/Catnip

Credits : 3dman_eu / Pixabay

Its menthol and citrus scent is at the same time fragrant for us and detested by mosquitoes, thanks to the nepelactone it contains. But it does attract cats!

3) Basil

According to a study in 2009, basil poisons mosquito larvae thanks to one of the oils it contains. Keeping a few basil plants therefore has a long term effect: no larvae = no mosquitoes!

4) Peppermint

Credits : 41330 / Pixabay

This is a stimulant, so it is best avoided in your bedroom, but it can be great for outdoor soirées. The oil it contains is used in insecticides and is toxic to mosquito larvae.

5) Sage and rosemary for a barbecue.

Add a few branches to your barbecue. The fragrance will be pleasant and the smoke released keeps mosquitoes at a distance.

6) Lavender

Credits : pixel2013 / Pixabay

It’s a worst nightmare for flies and mites, but also for mosquitoes! Granny never tires of this all time classic!

7) Marigolds

They are colourful and protect the plants nearby from uninvited guests when they are planted. But they protect humans too!