7 easy beauty techniques using charcoal

7 easy beauty techniques using charcoal
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There are ingredients that gradually start to take their place in the limelight in the field of cosmetics. This seems to be the case with charcoal, which we are hearing more and more about, especially on the internet. This product seems not only to relieve digestive problems (such as flatulence), but is increasingly becoming a beauty favourite, starting with beauty masks. And it’s no wonder, as this ingredient is great for your skin. This has inspired these 7 beauty techniques using charcoal, which are very easy to do at home. You can buy activated vegetable charcoal in powder or capsules, which can be bought for next to nothing in health shops, certain large supermarkets and of course, on the internet. 

Before getting into the nitty gritty, remember that charcoal is a dark coloured product and you will notice a black or greyish colour while you are using it. This is important to remember if you want to avoid mess and stains (even if they are very easy to remove).

1) Whiten your teeth with this black treatment!

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We already had the pleasure of sharing this surprising tip with you in a previous article. Here is a little reminder for a whitening treatment without any risks, because it is edible and non-abrasive. Combat plaque and stains by applying a little charcoal powder to a moist toothbrush, and brushing your teeth with it normally two or three times a week.

Mix it with water for a mouthwash that will neutralise bad breath and cleanse your mouth.

2) Treat skin irritations (insect bites, rashes, etc.)


Make a mixture of powdered charcoal and aloe vera and apply it to the affected area, to say goodbye to pain and itching. You can even apply the mixture to spots. Leave it to dry and rinse it off with hot water.

Bonus tip: If there is significant redness, you can also add a drop of lavender essential oil to the mix.

3) A cleansing face mask

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As we said earlier, charcoal is an ingredient becoming more and more common in face masks, and it is a great way to rid the skin of impurities. Apply a mixture of carbon powder and aloe vera to the face and allow it to dry, before rinsing. With the aloe vera, the skin will not dry out.