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6 ways to combat dry skin

6 ways to combat dry skin
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Skin can quickly become dry, whether because of cold in winter, sun in summer or salt in the sea. Therefore, it is very important to always stay hydrated. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to take care of your skin from head to toe, and effective products are often expensive. Discover 6 natural and economical tips to soften, soothe and beautify your skin.

1/ Banana mask

Credits : moritz320 / Pixabay

What you need: 

  • Fresh natural yoghurt
  • A ripe banana

Mash the banana and yoghurt together and mix them well. Apply this mask to your face and allow it to work for one or two hours. All you have left to do is rinse it off! This mask illuminates and hydrates your skin.

2/ Sour milk

Credits : Searobin / Wikipédia

Apply to your face with some lemon and honey. This is ideal for spotty skin and can be applied all over the body. It repairs even the driest skin.

3/ Olive oil mask

Credits : Pixabay / congerdesign

What you need: 

  • 3 egg yolks
  • Olive oil

Simply mix the egg yolks and olive oil together. Apply the mask to any areas of dry skin on your body. Leave to work for several minutes before taking a lukewarm or cold shower.

4/ Coconut oil

Credits : greekfood-tamystika / Pixabay

Known for its nourishing and soothing properties, apply coconut oil to any areas of dry skin on your body. As a preventative measure, you can apply it daily to any areas prone to drying out. Apply at night before going to sleep and leave on overnight. You can complete your hydration regime by drinking coconut water.

5/ Sweet almond oil

Credits : margenauer / Pixabay

This oil is immediately absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy layer. You can apply it daily to your entire body. Even diluted it can be very effective, and will perfume a room with a sweet scent. Great for moments of relaxation.

6/ Oatmeal bath

Credits : incuthaifilms / Pixabay

Oatmeal baths are excellent for the skin. To also give your hair a new lease of life, you can couple your oatmeal bath with a milk and honey hair mask that you leave on during your down time. You will be hydrated from head to toe!

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