6 tips to stop a door from creaking

6 tips to stop a door from creaking
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There is one place and one place only for a creaking door: in a horror movie. In everyday life, we prefer to go to the toilet without it being public knowledge, or having a snack at three in the morning without waking the whole house and the neighbours too! In short, this irritating noise is one of life’s little annoyances that can get on our nerves. Here are a few tips to stop the creaking and squeaking, without having to go full DIY on it, or having to go the the hardware store to buy some toxic chemical products that often don’t even work.

1) The classic solution: grease the hinges with olive oil (or another type of oil)

You can apply the oil with a cloth or pour a little oil directly on to the hinges, wiping off the excess.

2) Rub a bar of soap to the hinges to stop the creaking.

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3) Talcum powder can also help you put an end to the problem.

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4) Like with a sticky zip, rub the hinges with a pencil to help the door open more easily and without making noise.

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5) Apply a little washing up liquid to the hinges to stop the squeaking

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6) Finally, wax (for example, candle wax or bees wax) can also  effectively stop a door from creaking. Simply rub it to the hinges.

With any of these tips, don’t hesitate to open and close the door at the same time as applying your chosen solution, to help it to deeply penetrate the joints.

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