6 simple tips to keep eggs fresh for longer

6 simple tips to keep eggs fresh for longer
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Eggs are a staple part of our diet, and they go in our salads, our main courses, our desserts and even our breakfasts for those of us who like to start the day with a good meal! However, the question of how best to conserve them is never very clear. For example, we don’t always know whether we should store them in the fridge or not. As finding the right storage methods for your foods is the key to keeping them good for longer, here are all of our recommendations for conserving eggs. 

1) As soon as you get home from doing your shopping, check that none of your eggs are cracked. Look at the bottom of the carton to see.

2) Be aware that eggs can be consumed for up to 28 days after they have been laid, and don’t hesitate to double check that date.

3) Don’t wash eggs before storing them, even if you notice dirt on them. Washing them destroys the layer that protects the shell from microbes.

4) In the shops, eggs are stored at room temperature to avoid exposure to sudden changes in temperature, which has a harmful effect on the shell’s protective layer. If the manufacturers had refrigerated them, we could never be sure that they had been kept at a cold temperature all the time up to when you buy them (especially during transport, when the trucks etc. are  not necessarily refrigerated). However, you should store your eggs in the fridge at home, respecting certain conditions.

5) Store eggs on a middle shelf in your fridge. Keep them in their box, stored with the narrower end facing down. If you put them in the dedicated egg trays in the fridge door, they can be subjected to too many small temperature changes every time you open the fridge.

6) If you are not sure whether an egg is fresh or not, do a little test. Find out the technique by clicking here.