6 natural remedies for kidney stones

6 natural remedies for kidney stones
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Thanks to our kidneys, our bodies can eliminate waste via our urine. Without them, the blood would fill up with toxins and the body would end up in a bad state. However, sometimes the substances that make up our urine can crystallise, due to poor hydration, an excess of toxins or due to illness. This is what we call kidney stones, and these cause pain that make urinating difficult. They can also lead to other more serious health problems. To combat kidney stones, you can try these natural effective solutions (which do not replace medical treatment or the advice of a doctor). Here are 6 suggestions to add to one we shared with you in a previous article.

1) Lemon and olive oil

Credits: Pixabay / congerdesign

This remedy is alkaline and thus helps detoxify the blood and regulate the body’s pH.


  • 16 g extra virgin olive oil
  • 10 mls fresh lemon juice

(Basically, a spoon of each)


Mix the two ingredients and consume them on an empty stomach, every day for 3 weeks.

2) Burdock infusion

Credits: zzzArt / Pixabay

This remedy is diuretic and anti-inflammatory, and so it is great for the bladder and the kidneys. Over time, it fights against kidney stones and can help prevent urinary tract infections.


  • 5 g of burdock seeds (one spoon)
  • 500 mls of water


1) Boil the water.

2) Pour it over the burdock seeds. Cover the mixture and leave it to stand for one hour.

3) Strain it and drink it.

Drink two glasses a day on an empty stomach.

3) Celery and apple juice

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Great for renal health, this remedy is diuretic and antioxidant. It promotes waste elimination.


  • 250 mls of pure apple juice
  • 2 sticks of celery


1) Put the apple juice and the celery into a blender.

2) Blend it until you achieve a smooth consistency.

3) Drink this mixture on an empty stomach, without straining it.

We recommend that you drink this every day for 5 days.