6 home made dry shampoos: great for when you’re running late!

6 home made dry shampoos: great for when you’re running late!
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When we are getting ready in the morning, there are certain catastrophes we are never prepared for. And finding that your hair is greasy is one of those, which can put the night owls among us in bad form for the day, as they usually haven’t left enough time in the morning to wash it. In this case, there are two approaches: tie up your hair to make the greasy roots less visible, or crack open the dry shampoo. And in the second case, there is no need to go out and buy it: you can easily make your own with what you have in your cupboards! This will make your hair look cleaner and add a little volume, although sure, it’s a quick fix that can’t replace a good wash…. at least in terms of hygiene!

1) Cornflour, bicarbonate of soda and essential oils

This recipe is easy to make and smells great, especially given that you can use your own choice of essential oils. Mix 30g of corn flour, 30 g of bicarbonate of soda or cocoa powder and 10 drops of essential oils (30 g = 2 dessertspoons). Corn starch is also often used on its own as a dry shampoo… ideal if the morning is particularly chaotic!

2) Talc

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Talcum powder combats humidity and excess oils. Apply it to your scalp, working it in well to the most greasy roots (often around your face or the back of your head). Leave it to work for a minute and brush it out to remove excess powder. Extra tip: if you are worried about getting it everywhere, put the talc on your brush and apply it using that 😉

3) Dry shampoo for greasy hair

Mix the following ingredients with a fork: 16 dessertspoons of cooking salt, 2 dessertspoons of iris root, 1 dessertspoon of powdered corn starch, 1 dessertspoon of bicarbonate of soda, and 10 drops of bergamot essential oil. Put the whole lot in a resealable jar to store the mixture. Apply a good dose of it and leave it to work for 20 minutes before brushing it out vigorously.

4) Certain cleaning powders

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Certain powders are commonly used in home made shampoos, but many can also work as dry shampoos. This is the case for certain clays such as rhassoul clay (which is very absorbent) or white or green clay. Kachur sugandhi is less well known but it also works very well. You can put it on the greasy areas and do a quick rinse.

5) Flour

Flour can be used as a dry shampoo. Allow it to work for around 5 minutes, massage it in and rinse it with a little water or brush it out vigorously.

6) For dark or red hair

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Are you worried that your hair will go white from the powder? In that case, go for cocoa or ground cinnamon, depending on your own hair colour, in order to get all the grease out of your hair!

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