6 foods that create a feeling of tiredness

6 foods that create a feeling of tiredness
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The days are now longer and during Summer time we go to bed later because we don’t realise how late it actually is. You may also have the impression that your body is struggling to hold up during the day and you may sometimes find yourself dreaming of a nap or having never left your bed. Know that some bad habits can tire, but the most surprising thing is that it also concerns foods that can tire us. Worse,we often believe that certain foods give us energy when in fact sometimes the opposite happens. Here are 6 foods that are making you tired.

1) Coffee


At the time, coffee gives you a boost that you sometimes need. But have you never noticed that this energizing effect was only effective for a while and after your body is tired and requires a new absorption of caffeine? This is because coffee absorbs fluids that contain iron that is important for the vitality of the body… hence this impression of fatigue after drinking.

2) White bread


If you are used to consuming white bread, beware of its high glycemic index. In other words, the blood sugar level increases rapidly when you eat it, which requires it to produce more insulin to lower the sugar level. This process tires the body because it requires a good amount of energy after consuming the product. Also, consuming whole bread can save you from feeling tired!

3)Salted fast foods


Just like a dish that is too sweet, a dish too salty soars the glycemic index. You may feel energetic for a while after eating, but the process of regulating your body levels will use a lot of your energy

4) Sweets


You may feel overexcited after consuming sweets, but the sweetness of the sweets once again raises the blood sugar level and the diffusion of insulin that the body is trying to release to repair the balance, making you tired quickly

5) Sugar free sodas


Drinking diet soda helps to reduce your guilt. Indeed, the companies that produce them rely heavily on the “light” argument to suggest that the soda is better for our health. The sodas in question use synthetic substances instead of sugar and this makes for enormous amounts of work for the liver and the body that have to work twice as much to metabolise these substances, hence the feeling of fatigue!

6) Energy drinks


Same struggle as for light sodas, chemical and synthetic components are more difficult to assimilate than natural components. In fact, the almost excessive energy boost sometimes after drinking these drinks drops greatly after the fact, because the body works even more.

Source : Medisite