5 tips to try out for a really clean shave

5 tips to try out for a really clean shave
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Okay ladies…. the time is nigh! The hair is growing back and the war is as tough as ever this summer. Like every good soldier that fights off this scourge, we know that the razor is a weapon that is easy to use, to transport and to find. But like many weapons, the razor leaves its mark: irritation, red bumps and rough, dry skin….  Here are a few tips to keep your hair growth in check and your pins perfect. 

1) Cleaning the blade


A good soldier looks after their weapons in order to keep them working well. We know very well that we can’t keep a razor forever, but cleaning the blade with a little baby oil (or rubbing alcohol) after each use allows you to keep the blade in a better condition for longer, as well as removing bacteria. A good clean blade is a blade that will cause less red bumps. Also, change the blade after a few uses, otherwise you are sure to suffer irritation.

2) To quickly soothe the skin


Damn! You have red bumps all over your legs. But don’t panic! Mix milk and water in a equal parts in a bowl and apply it with a cloth, dabbing it on to the irritated areas. Rapid relief guaranteed.

3) An unexpected ally in the war


Hair conditioner is the product of choice for hair removal. The razor will slide more easily over your skin than with soap or shower gel. In addition, the hair removal will be gentler and the skin won’t dry out -the opposite in fact!

A small reminder: bend the knee at the moment of shaving it to avoid nicks and cuts.

4) What to do for nicks and cuts


Put a dab of lip balm on the cut to stop the bleeding and soothe the skin.

5) Exfoliate


Exfoliation is important for two reasons: to have soft legs and to eliminate dead skin. With a mix made with one measure of sugar for two measures of oil, we can give ourselves softer, more nourished skin, without irritating the area. To exfoliate even further when you are shaving as normal: exfoliate the skin and then give a sweep of the razor.

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