5 tips for making your phone battery last longer

5 tips for making your phone battery last longer
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Our telephones are always glued to our hands for making calls, sending texts or professional emails, taking and sharing photos and videos, listening to music, going on social networks and surfing the net (as you are currently doing on this site!). But with such heavy usage, it’s clear that your phone’s battery can’t last very long. There are many brands nowadays whose batteries don’t last even a day (making you go begging for a charger from anyone in your wake, and lamenting the days of the old indestructible Nokias, when all you could do was play Snake!)

So rather than simply deciding to use your phone less, try out these tips to help get the most out of your phone battery, and ensure it lasts as long as possible. Don’t go changing the phone just quite yet!

1) Don’t let your battery drain fully

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Whether by negligence or done deliberately, sometimes we allow our phone batteries to drain fully, or leave the phone go below 1% before charging it. However, newer models do not need to be fully drained, and thus you can charge your phone at any stage.

2) Don’t forget to plug your phone out once it is charged.

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A study has shown that when a phone is left plugged in for longer than is needed (for example, all night long), it puts the battery under pressure. The phone is thus continually receiving a charge to keep it at 100%, which damages the battery in the long term.

3) Don’t obsess over keeping your battery at 100% at all costs.

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Does it give you great satisfaction to see your phone at 100% battery? In this case, you may start charging your phone every day (or every second day), but this isn’t the best idea for preserving your battery. There is no good in always having your phone 100% charged.

4) Do short charging cycles

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Put your phone on charge when you need to, and for only short periods of time if possible.

5) Keep your phone away from heat sources.

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Batteries are in fact very sensitive and it’s important not to leave your phone out in the sun or near a heat source, to prevent it from overheating.