5 tips to help your dog survive the cold of winter

5 tips to help your dog survive the cold of winter
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Winter is well and truly here, and your dog needs to be able to cope with the cold and the bad weather. Read on for our tips and recommendations to keep your four legged friends in good health throughout the winter. 

Feed your dog healthy foods

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine”. In fact, a healthy, balanced diet that is appropriate for lower temperatures is the first port of call for helping your dog cope with the winter. If you have an indoor dog, you don’t need to change the amount of food you give them every day. However, if they sleep outdoors or in an unheated room, it is recommended that you increase the amount of food you give them. In fact, for dogs to naturally protect themselves from the cold, the wind and the rain, they need more energy than usual. So they have well earned the extra few dog biscuits! To ensure their diet stays healthy, give them food based on fresh meat and natural foodstuffs, such as produced by Pets Corner. A balanced diet will keep them in good health and will contribute to their well-being.

Walk them more regularly, but for shorter periods of time

We know that our motivation drops along with the temperatures at this time of year, but it is still important to walk your dog on a daily basis. The walks don’t have to be very long, but they should be more regular. In the winter period, your dog needs to get fresh air and stretch their legs. Make the most of the fresh air and play with them outside, which will keep their spirits up as well as keeping them in good physical shape.

Tend to any cuts, wounds or injuries

The wind, the rain or even the snow can damage the pads of your dog’s paws. Remember to check the condition of their paws to make sure they don’t hurt themselves. If there is a problem, you need to take care of it. If the pads on their paws are fragile, don’t hesitate to put slippers or little socks on them, which will protect them from the rain or the ice.

Protect your dog from the damp

Damp is one of a dog’s worst enemies, for their resistance to the cold but also for their resistance to illness. Remember to clean their fur after going out for walks in the rain. In terms of comfort (both physically and psychologically), you should also regularly change or clean the covers or padding in their bed or kennel.

Insulate their kennel

If your dog has a kennel, it should be well insulated and raised, so that it doesn’t directly touch the ground, which is too cold in winter. Your dog spends a great deal of time in their kennel, so it should be kept in good condition for them.

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