5 things to do if you burn your tongue

5 things to do if you burn your tongue
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We’ve all experienced the feeling of a burned tongue after drinking something too hot, or eating something that just came out of the oven. It’s not very serious and it gets better quickly, but there can be a feeling of numbness and discomfort that we would like to remedy. Here are all of our tips for dealing with this little inconvenience. And good luck!

1) Follow hot with cold

Cold anesthesises the tongue and will provide immediate relief. You can eat an ice pop if you have one or even suck on an ice cube. Otherwise, a very cold drink will do the trick.

2) Yoghurt

Put a large spoon of yoghurt into your mouth and keep it there for a few seconds, until you feel relief!

3) Sugar to the rescue

Take a little granulated sugar and leave it the time to melt on your tongue. You should see an end to the discomfort.

You can also keep honey in your mouth for a few moments until the pain is gone. Honey makes a great natural remedy for minor burns.

4) Aloe vera

This is a somewhat unpleasant remedy but it is very effective. Simply apply aloe vera gel to the relevant area.

5) And next?

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There are some foods you should avoid so as not to revive the pain, while there are others that will help.


  • Acidic foods (orange, lemon, or citrus fruit juices)
  • Salty foods (crackers, crisps, etc.)


  • Refreshing or menthol foods such as menthol chewing gum (the mint is refreshing and soothing)