5 techniques to use up every last drop of Nutella!

5 techniques to use up every last drop of Nutella!
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This article is for the Nutella lovers among you, who just can’t resist a little chocolate spread on crusty bread for their afternoon snack (or at any time of day, if you’re honest about it!) Have you ever been scandalised by the fact that it is almost impossible to get absolutely ALL of the Nutella out of the end of the jar? You only have to look at the shape of the jar to see that the companies don’t want to help you enjoy your sweet treats to the max. And when something is as good as Nutella, it breaks your heart to have to throw some of it out. But never fear, we have the solutions for you! 

If you’re not a big fan of chocolate spread, try out these techniques with jars of jam or nut butters.

1) Pour in a little hot milk and shake it until the walls of the jar are clean. You will have a comforting hot chocolate to lift your spirits when the weather is cold.

Here is the video to show you exactly how to do it:

2) You can also decide to have a tasty breakfast, adding cereal to the hot milk. Shake it well so that the cereal soaks up the flavour.

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3) Make a mixture for a cake that can be cooked in the microwave. Pour it into the jar. In 45 seconds, you’ll have a delicious cake with chocolate coating!

Credits: Food-hacks

4) Prepare a gourmet snack, by filling the jar with oat flakes and fruit. The fruit will have a delicious chocolatey flavour.

We advise you to use strawberries or bananas, or alternatively apples or pears.

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5) Simply put some ice cream in the jar and enjoy. (This also works great in a pot of jam!)

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