Dry skin: 5 simple remedies

Dry skin: 5 simple remedies
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The sudden temperature changes our bodies are subjected to during the colder months damage our skin greatly. And our skin care routine can often be poorly adapted to this season, because the products we use are often too abrasive and remove the skin’s natural protective oils. To help your skin face down this difficult period, we need to think about our diets, to improve our skin from the inside out. It could simply mean adding some tomato purée to your meals to protect the skin from UV rays, eating a few sardines to up your omega 3 intake, or trying some kale to absorb and neutralise the effects of free radicals. Otherwise, if your skin is extremely dry and uncomfortably tight, try one of these natural remedies, made from everyday ingredients that are as good to eat as they are to apply to the skin. 

1) Milk

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The fatty acids and lactic acids contained in milk are extremely soothing, when you apply it directly to irritated skin. You can make a compress, soaking a piece of material in a bowl of cold milk. Apply the compress directly to the skin. You can also mix in a little honey which will help the milk stick to the skin for added hydration. What’s more, honey is antibacterial and antifungal, which means it helps fight off any microbes that are attacking the skin and damaging its appearance.

2) Coconut oil

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Naturally hydrating and regenerating, this oil is also antibacterial, antifungal and has antiviral properties. You can use it in its pure and unrefined state.

3) Olive oil

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It has been shown that people who consume olive oil show fewer signs of ageing than people who don’t. This is as a result of this oil’s richness is polyphenols, compounds found in the olive tree that are highly antioxidant.

4) Soya

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Applied directly to the skin or consumed as part of your diet, soya improves the skin’s elasticity and preserves collagen.

5) Green tea

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Whether you drink green tea or apply it directly to the skin, it provides protection from the sun’s UV rays. Green tea is also known as a remedy for rosacea, acne and eczema, when applied directly to the skin.