5 natural tips for radiant skin

5 natural tips for radiant skin
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Are you sick and tired of industrial face products, with their dubious efficacy? Find out how to naturally take care of your face at home for almost zero cost! 

1) Prevent the first signs of wrinkles by toning your face: the facial gym

Contracting the muscles of the face through repeated facial movements is what causes ‘laughter lines’ and expression lines. To restore your facial tone is very simple, just a few daily stretching exercises in front of the mirror and the job is done!

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2) Solution for dark circles: cold spoons

The cold is an effective solution for puffy eyes, but using ice cubes directly on the skin could be dangerous and could damage the skin. The solution: put spoons in the fridge the night before, and apply them to puffy eyes the next morning.

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3) Facial treatment: make your own natural face mask

Simple and natural, make your own home made face mask depending on your skin’s needs! For dry skin: an avocado, a banana and a little honey will revive your skin.

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4) Stop being too rough with your skin

Rather than squeezing spots and blackheads, it is better to do regular skin treatments. To avoid marks and to get rid of them quickly, gently wash your face morning and night, and apply a natural astringent lotion. You can make this from lemon or green tea with a little mineral water, which will dry out the area and the imperfections, making your skin blemish free.

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5) Exercise!

And eliminate toxins and impurities by sweating them out!

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