5 delicious foods to whiten your teeth

5 delicious foods to whiten your teeth
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A nice smile is the best accessory you can have to look attractive. But for your smile to illuminate your face (as well as cheer up your loved ones), your teeth should be nice and white. And even if it’s tempting to start trying whitening treatments, we know that these are not good for the enamel, and will damage your teeth in the long term. However, we can trust certain foods to help restore whiteness. Furthermore, these foods are good for your health and a pleasure to eat! 

1) Carrots


These healthy vegetables are great for removing stains. Not only can you bite on a raw carrot, but you can also rub these roots to your teeth to give them a quick and gentle polish.

2) Strawberries

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Bite into a strawberry, and don’t hold back! You can also make a toothpaste with bicarbonate of soda to whiten your teeth even further. The malic acid in strawberries is an effective whitening agent.

3) Broccoli

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We know that not everyone likes to eat their broccoli, but those who like it love it. Eaten raw, it contains high levels of iron and this reinforces the enamel while removing stains. Another serving, anyone?

4) Oranges

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Once we have finished eating an orange, we generally throw out the skins…. Big mistake! Once you have rinsed it well, you can use the white part of the orange peel to whiten your teeth and remove plaque and tartar. You simply need to rub it on to your teeth! The peel contains variants of vitamin C which allows it to whiten your teeth.

5) Cheese

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Cheese can help prevent stains left by food. Thanks to the lactic acid it contains, it also helps prevent cavities. Nothing but goodness!