4 techniques to rapidly soothe a burned mouth

4 techniques to rapidly soothe a burned mouth
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Being in too much of a hurry to swallow a mouthful of an appetising meal, you may have forgotten to consider the temperature of the food (which was hotter than you had planned for!), burning your mouth in the process. You have always been warned that greed is a deadly sin! This type of problem generally heals quickly, but after a burn, you will still have pain and irritation, sometimes having difficulty even tasting your food. These symptoms can last several days. Here is what to do to have everything back to normal in no time. 

1) Wine

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A good reflex for when you burn your mouth is to take a sip of wine. It doesn’t matter which type of wine you use, both white and red work wonders. Once you have taken a mouthful of the wine, keep it in your mouth for a few moments until you feel relief.

2) Cold

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The cold is your best friend in terms of finding relief, and applying it to the area is a good idea. Take several mouthfuls of cold water, which you keep in your mouth for a few moments. Continue to drink in this manner for a few minutes. You can also suck on an ice cube, if you don’t get brain freeze.

Go for cold foods and avoid foods that are very hot, crunchy, acidic or spicy, which could exacerbate the pain. The same goes for citrus fruits.

3) Salt water

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Gargle with salt water to promote healing.

4) Cloves

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Chew on a clove to fight against pain. It will help anesthetise the mouth, thus reducing pain.


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