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37 Great uses of Aloe Vera

37 Great uses of Aloe Vera
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15) Soothe your psoriasis.

This gel can be applied throughout the body, face or even the scalp to calm the inflammation and find a more soothed skin.

16) It is the help of choice to avoid scarring and stretch marks.

17) Rosacea

It can happen that pimples are a symptom of this skin disease and aloe vera can make them reverse.

18)The gel helps reduce the size of warts.

19) Against aging skin

The gel contains among other things vitamin E which is excellent for the skin because it is very antioxidant and therefore ideal to fight the effect of wrinkles. Inspire yourself from Cleopatra and apply this gel on your face to keep beautiful skin and fight off aging!

20) It helps to eliminate eczema.

21) It helps to clear the skin

The skin may be prone to various pigmentary spots and pigmentation problems in general and aloe vera can reduce this phenomenon.