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37 Great uses of Aloe Vera

37 Great uses of Aloe Vera
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8) Prepare an exfoliating foot mask

Mix 150g oatmeal with 90g cornmeal, 4 tablespoons Aloe vera gel and 10cl body milk for a perfect texture. Exfoliate your feet and rinse: they will be softer than those of a baby.

9) To fight herpes or cold sores

It is not easy to get rid of these skin problems, but the extremely concentrated side of aloe vera helps to heal them and make them reabsorb.

10) Get rid of fungus with this highly beneficial gel.

11) Relieve your blisters or the pain created by shoes quickly.

12) Against plaques or other allergic reactions, the application of this gel can be a radical antidote!

13) To nourish your skin

Dry skin can be quickly nourished with this gel. It will soon replace your silicone creams purchased in store.

14) Combat spots

Applying aloe vera gel on the face helps fight acne and regain healthy skin.