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37 Great uses of Aloe Vera

37 Great uses of Aloe Vera
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It is not necessary to be the queen of Egypt like Cleopatra to use this plant which is known and recognised, nicknamed “magic wand of Paradise” by American Indians. Aloe vera has been a miracle medicine for almost 5000 years for many ailments thanks to its antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, moisturizing properties … It is preferred in gel for external use and as a juice to use it internally and stimulate the immune system. Choose it as pure as possible in an organic store or opt for the plant to take advantage of the 150 active ingredients present in the plant (trace elements, minerals, amino acids, varied vitamins, enzymes …). Buying it online can be an option of choice if you do not have a good store near your home.

For external use: on the body, face and hair


1) Exfoliating scrub

Cut the leaf lengthwise and use the inside as an exfoliating sponge during the shower.

2) To soothe and heal a burn

Mix aloe vera gel with a vitamin E oil and apply over the burnt area. Caution, this remedy does not replace the advice of a health specialist and a severe burn requires the advice of a professional.

3) To soothe hematomas

Apply this fresh gel directly on the hematoma to relieve the pain quickly.

4) To soothe sun burn

If your skin is red, tight and warm, aloe vera can soothe this feeling and refresh the skin as menthol would. Guaranteed soothing!

5) In case of a bite

If you have served as a meal for insects, soothe pain or itching by applying gel on the epidermis.

6) Frostbite treatment

The same principle as for a burn: aloe vera can relieve your toes or your frozen fingers like no other product!

7)Against skin infections

They are never pleasant, but the antiseptic power of the plant can reduce or even treat a benign infection.