3 ways to remove a ring that is stuck on your finger

3 ways to remove a ring that is stuck on your finger
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We’ve all experienced this problem when trying on rings that don’t fit us in a shop. If you don’t know your finger size, you have no choice but to start trying on all the options! But sometimes at such times, we can get a little over-enthusiastic, and can force on a ring that we can’t get off again! 

However, there are solutions which we are going to share with you in this article. If they don’t work, be aware that the only remaining solution is to get the ring (or the finger!) cut by a jeweller.

1) The classic solution: lubrication!

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Apply something that will help you slide the ring off the finger. You can use soap, Vaseline, moisturiser or even butter.

2) Reduce the swelling in the finger

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It may not be that your fingers are too big for the ring, but they may simply be swollen! To remedy this, raise your hand above your shoulder for a few moments.

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You can also dip your hand into cold water for a while to bring down the swelling in your finger.

3) Wrap some thread around your finger

It could be sewing thread, dental floss, ribbon, etc. Thread one end under the ring using a butter knife or a toothpick and wrap the thread tightly around your finger, starting near the ring and moving up over the joint of the finger, keeping the thread in your hand. Pull on the end that that is under the ring to unroll the string.

Here is the video for how to do it: