26 great natural remedies that will make your skin imperfections disappear!

26 great natural remedies that will make your skin imperfections disappear!
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It happens to many people to have pimples or blackheads from time to time, and the related symptoms are varied: the skin is rough, the pores are engorged, the skin is irritated and red. There are a multitude of treatments to combat this problem but not all of them are effective at cleansing the engorged pores and making your skin as smooth as that of a baby. As soon as a spot appears or you can feel it, do not hesitate to act to stop the problem. Here are 25 treatment ideas to test on your skin with what you have at home.

1) Cider vinegar

It acts on the pH of the skin and gets rid of the bacteria while purifying the epidermis and calming the irritations. In addition to drinking regularly diluted in water, why not make facial saunas with a large bowl of boiling water, 4 tablespoons, chamomile flowers and a towel to cover your head and allow you To enjoy the steam.

2) Honey and cinnamon


Create a mask and leave on for 20 minutes. With honey which is a natural antibiotic and cinnamon to combat bacteria.

3) Honey and milk

Honey also works very well with milk which helps to soothe inflammations of the skin so you can make a mask, and leave  for 20min with these two elements also.

4) Egg whites

They help to tighten pores and help absorb excess sebum from the skin to reduce acne. Take egg whites and put them on the skin for half an hour

5) Papaye


It helps to eliminate excess lipids from the surface of the skin and allows to exfoliate the skin without attacking it. You can crush it and apply it for 20min on the skin.

6) Orange peel


Perfect for cleaning and reducing pores with the astringent power of vitamin C, you can use it by drying skins in the open air and then reducing them to powder. Mix this powder with a teaspoon of yoghurt, coconut milk or milk. Apply this homogeneous cream as a mask for 10 to 15 min before rinsing. This is also a good treatment for acne scars.

7) Tea Tree oil

It removes dead cells, reduces excess sebum and destroys bacteria. You can apply it directly on the spot with a cotton swab or mix it with organic honey or aloe vera gel for a softer treatment. A mixture that you can keep in a pot to apply it when needed. You can also add a few drops to your products and masks before applying them.

8) Strawberry


Its salicylic acid content dries and treats pimples. You can exfoliate the skin with a little crushed strawberry and honey.

9) Aloe vera


This non-irritating skin remedy and anti-inflammatory is good not only for acne but also for the skin in general as it promotes healing. Use products that contain aloe vera or apply gel to the skin to moisturize, soften and regenerate.