25 things you have been cleaning wrong! And how to do it right….

25 things you have been cleaning wrong! And how to do it right….
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Are you suddenly motivated to clean everything that lies in your wake? Then you absolutely need to follow this guide, to learn how to effectively clean every item in your home! These tips were compiled by list25 and will show you what you have been doing wrong all these years, and how to more effectively clean your home from top to bottom!

25. Pots

To properly clean a burnt pot, you simply need cover the surface in a fine layer of water with white vinegar. Put the pot on the heat and add 2 dessertspoons of bicarbonate of soda once you have taken it off the heat. You can now easily scrub the burn away.

Credits : Taken / Pixabay

24. A rug or carpet

Pour a little vinegar onto the stain and sprinkle it with bicarbonate of soda. Leave it to work until the mixture starts to bubble and is absorbed. Next, you simply need to scrub it with a cloth.

Credits : drvce1 / Pixabay

23. Dust

To prevent dust from gathering again quickly on your furniture, just use an anti-static cloth to avoid attracting dust with static electricity.

Credits : PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

22. Paintings

You can clean a painting with none other than a plain bagel! Rub the bagel gently over the painting to clean it perfectly.

Credits : VictorianLady / Pixabay

21. A mirror

Newspaper works better than kitchen paper, which can sometimes leave marks.

Credits : Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

20. Fans

Ceiling fans can be easily cleaned by placing a pillowcase over each blade and rubbing it along the blade. The dust will be trapped inside the pillow case, rather than all over the floor.

Credits : eak_kkk / Pixabay

19. The bath

Bath taps can be cleaned with a mixture of salt and lemon or white vinegar.

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