22 foods that prove that meat isn’t the only source of iron

22 foods that prove that meat isn’t the only source of iron
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Many people are keen to ensure they are getting enough iron, a mineral that helps the body to grow well and with contributes to robust health. It has many benefits such as the production of red blood cells, helping transport oxygen to the cells, supporting the vitality of the muscles and helping the brain develop and concentrate, to name but a few. We can sometimes suffer iron deficiencies which can even lead to anaemia. This can occur in babies, children and women who are pregnant or who lose a lot of blood during their periods. Low iron levels can lead to feelings of exhaustion and it can weaken the immune system. 

When we are suffering from iron deficiency, consumption of iron as well as getting a healthy balanced diet are the key steps to take. However, we often turn solely to meat sources or food supplements, although there is a multitude of vegetable sources of iron that we can equally access. Here is an infographic with 22 such foods and their iron content:

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As you may have noticed, iron is found in many fruits, vegetables and seeds. But in addition to what is shown above, the most incredible iron sources (by far) are spirulina and dulse -algae that can be used in many different ways, and which come in many different forms.