20 tips on how to paint a room like a professional

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20 tips on how to paint a room like a professional
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11) When cleaning your brushes soak them in white vinegar.

12) Loosen up an old pot of paint by putting it in a bain-marie.

13) Place little objects in a cardboard box so you can paint them without getting paint everywhere.

14) Give your roller a clean to remove any bits of fluff so that you can paint more cleanly.

You could even think about dusting or cleaning your walls before you start painting.

15) Cover the tray that you are using with cling film or tin foil so that you can use it straight away without having to clean it before you reuse it.

16) Place a piece of cling film over the pot of paint so that the lid doesn’t stick to the pot making it impossible for it to come off.

17) So that you can identify the different pots of paint, write down the name, reference and put a sample of the colour on the lid.

18) Use baby oil to scrub your hands and to remove all paint marks.

19) You can also can also give wood a more antique look by covering it with Vaseline beforehand and scrubbing it with a damp cloth.

20) If you never know where to put your brushes, you can cut slits into a pool noodle where you can then slot in your paint brushes.

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