20 tips on how to paint a room like a professional

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20 tips on how to paint a room like a professional
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Painting one room let alone several rooms can turn into a long affair. The painting process itself is tiresome but all the other steps that come with it can also be difficult to get your head around like preparing the paint, protecting furniture and cleaning up afterwards. As we are often busy during the week or at the weekend we’d prefer that the whole process is done as quickly and well as possible. Here are some tips to help you paint a room like a professional in no time!

1) Put vanilla extract into the pot of paint to neutralise the smell.

Use about 15 ml for 4 litres of paint.

2) Wrap up the paint roller and brush in cling film and put it into the fridge.

The next day the paint will still be fresh and you can continue from where you left off without having to clean before hand.

3) You can protect objects from paint with cling film.

4)You can put Vaseline onto screws, hinges and other little objects so that they are not all covered in paint.

5) Put a shower curtain on the floor when you paint to protect the the area.

6) Instead of painting top to bottom, paint in W movements so that you can have a smoother and cleaner cover of paint.

7) Cover the door handles in tin foil to protect them from paint.

8) Before washing your paint roller scrape off any excess paint so that you don’t waste any.

9) Put an elastic band on your pot of paint so that you can remove any excess paint more easily from your paint brushes.

10) When painting the foot of a chair or small object lift it up with a nail.