20 surprising household uses for Coca Cola

20 surprising household uses for Coca Cola
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Everyone knows that Coca Cola is not good for your health. Full to the brim of sugar and chemicals, it is recommended that it is consumed in only limited quantities. However, contrary to our expectations, it works miracles as a cleaning product and as a solution for other common problems of daily life! Discover how…..

1/ On your clothes and fabrics

As soon as you get a stain on your clothes, soak them immediately in Coca Cola and pop them in the washing machine. There shouldn’t be a trace of a stain left!

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2/ For removing blood stains

If you had a cut that bled onto your clothes, scrub them with a cloth soaked in Coca Cola and put them in the machine. The stain should have completely disappeared.

3/ For your car battery

If you would like to clean the terminals of your car battery, try using Coca Cola, it’s a miracle worker.