20 Brilliant uses and tips for aluminium foil

20 Brilliant uses and tips for aluminium foil
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You surely know a lot of uses for aluminium foil such as to wrap food or use it to keep the oven clean when you are cooking. However did you know that is has lots of other great uses? Here are 20 practical ways you can use your foil! 

1) To iron better

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Place some foil onto the ironing board, and it will stay warmer for longer, helping your creases to disappear faster.

2) To heat your house better

Source : Nancy Andrews

Place a piece of board wrapped in aluminium foil behind your radiator so that the heat goes into the room and not onto the wall.

3) Clean your iron

Source : Erica McCartney

Pour some thick salt onto your aluminium foil and iron on top.

4) Make batteries that are too small work.

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5) Remove rust

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Rub the wet aluminum foil that you have scrunched up onto rust and it will remove easily.