12 Essential Tips for Good Intimate Womens Hygiene

12 Essential Tips for Good Intimate Womens Hygiene
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Many women will one day face vaginal problems more or less unpleasant: pain, odors, itching, cravings to go to the toilet without stopping. The vagina is naturally acidic and has bacteria to keep a stable pH and avoid infections especially through vaginal secretions. Some bad habits (such as excessive wearing of pantyhose and indulging in tight clothes or synthetic underwear) may disturb the system, leaving the vagina vulnerable to “attacks”. These infections can often be avoided by adopting good habits and having an intimate hygiene without fault. Here are 12 tips to put in place as soon as possible for a fit vagina.

1) Eat a correct diet


It is advisable to drink enough water (1.5 l). Cranberry juice is a good option if you are prone to yeast infections. This juice is indeed reputed for its ability to treat the first symptoms that appear during a urinary tract infection, thanks to the enzymes that it contains that fight the bacteria during digestion. On the other hand, foods that contain vitamin E promote the functioning of the body. Do not hesitate to consume it in profusion!

2) Foods to not eat

Consuming less sugar is also a way to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. On the other hand, banish (or limit) certain foods such as white bread or red meat. Fatty acids found in pastries, processed foods, biscuits, chips … are not your friends!

3) Wearing correct underwear


The underwear is in direct contact with the intimate parts. Also, it is better to opt for cotton underwear that absorb moisture ideally and that let the skin breathe. Lycra is to be avoided, because it promotes sweating and the bacteria love to proliferate there.

4) Clothes that do not help you

For those who wear tight clothing or thongs, they rub the area going from the rectum to the vagina and may be the cause of a vaginal infection. This area needs to breathe so you forget the fashion trends and take care!