18 surprising uses of tiger balm

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18 surprising uses of tiger balm
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For many, tiger balm is indispensable in many ways especially in many Asian homes throughout the world where it can be used for everything! It can be used for rheumatic or muscular pain, but also for colds and migraines. Nevertheless, because of the composition (camphor …), a certain mistrust settled in the UK. There are also many bad copies of the balm that are less effective than the authentic balm. Here are 18 surprising uses of the balm.

How to apply the balm:

Proper application of the product is as important as its quality. It is strictly forbidden to swallow it because of its camphor content. Also be aware that use on the mucous membranes can cause a very painful burning sensation so avoid these areas.

Do not try to penetrate it and massage it as you would with a cream. The balm should be heated and rubbed. You can take a small knob and rub it very quickly, for example with the edge of the hand. As soon as you feel the heat, stop and let the balm do the rest of the work. Repeat if necessary and wash your hands well, as the balm may be very persistent.


1) Soothes mosquito bites


Apply directly on the bite to relieve the itching. Massage the area of the sting for a few minutes and the urge to scratch yourself should quickly disappear.

2) Insect repellent


Place open tiger balms in each corner of the room. Thanks to camphor, menthol and eucalyptus, its odor will repel insects. It is particularly interesting in the room to sleep peacefully in the summer.