17 Tips on how to do a thorougher spring clean

17 Tips on how to do a thorougher spring clean
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Bye bye winter and HELLO Spring!! About time, we have waited long enough!!. You hibernated all winter in your home and suddenly when the summers rays come through you realise that the house needs a good clean. Not only does your house need a clean from top to toe but also needs a good sort out, by throwing away and de-cluttering all of the items you don’t really need. Often you don’t want to get rid of things because you fear that you’ll regret it and later need it again. Don’t become a hoarder, there are items that simply need to go! Listen to granny and give your house a shake up and either throw away, sell or donate to charity. 

1) Electronics


If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work! Be honest are you going to use your old camera that still uses film, or old tv remotes? Look into what can be recycled or donated and get it out of the house!

Don’t over hoard on your phone chargers. If you have a new phone that doesn’t use the same charger cable as your old phone, than you don’t need to keep it nor do you need to hang onto the phone! Why not sell the phone and charger or if it is a very simple phone then donate it to charities.

You really don’t need two toasters, a spare kettle or your Nokia 3310

2) User manuals, old guarantees, restaurant menus… old paperwork!


For the majority of our appliances the user manuals can be found online. Also once you know how to use your television, oven, dishwasher etc. do you really need to keep it? If you have owned the appliance for a long time and the guarantee has ran out, you don’t need to keep the document either. Your takeaway menus can be found on the restaurants website, and note down business cards in your phone contacts rather than storing up a bunch of business cards. Take all the paper to the recycling center!

3) Incomplete society games


If you no  longer play the game or are missing some key pieces, what is the point of keeping hold of it. Too many incomplete deck of cards are also taking up too much valuable space!

4) Dried up felt tips, creased wrapping paper…


5) Winter clothes, too small or too big clothes, out of fashion or you never suited them.


Also any t-shirt you might want to throw away, keep them and cut them up and use instead of kitchen towels.

6) Old makeup and beauty products

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Better to throw away beauty products that date from years ago. Especially for the face as it can give your spots. Face powders last a long time but it is not the same for creams and foundations which go off after about 12 months.

 7) Dictionaries and old magazines


They are big and bulky, get rid of them or donate them to your local school. As you can now look at dictionaries and thesauruses online, as well as magazines.

8) Old bed sheets and towels, transform into cleaning chiffon’s


9) Old lighters that don’t work? Get rid of them!


10) Lots of utensils and cleaning products


No you don’t need two bottle openers or peelers. Same for any cleaning products that you don’t use. Get rid of them or if you use them occasionally, transfer them into a smaller container!

11) VHS tapes

Assorted VHS Movies

If they aren’t family videos, then get rid of them! Start watching online

12) Medication


No need to stock in case we go to war, especially as out of date medication should be avoided. Check the dates on the medication and throw away those that are out of date of those you are unsure of. Medication from a pharmacy should not be thrown down the toilet or in the bin, take them to your local pharmacist who will take them as well as any used syringes.

13) Single socks

When a sock has lost its partner for a long time, consider using it instead for cleaning or fill with bicarbonate of soda and place inside your smelly shoes to remove odours.

14). Old toys, school equipment…


We give away or sell!

Throw away items that don’t make you smile, laugh or cry. Old school books, half broken toys or Barbies with one leg can go in the bin

15) Shopping bags


You accumulate them. Take them to a charity shop who could use them. You only need a few and try to consider using a bag for life!

16) Vases or decorations that are never used


If you always use the same vase, the 15 others you have can be sent elsewhere, and be honest about other decorative objects that you don’t really like and could get rid of.

17) Everything that you have kept for special occasions


“Special Occasions”: A phrase we use when we don’t want to throw something away

As soon as you have an object that you like but don’t love, as soon as you have an object that you think is useful but never use, as soon as you see an object and realise you forgot you had it, as soon as you find an object that you find and realise you don’t need to use immediately… all are objects that you should get rid of and not store for the so called “special occasion”

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