17 clever recycling tips for used teabags

17 clever recycling tips for used teabags
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If you are anything like us, you probably drink multiple cups of tea every day -it’s a true British phenomenon! And if you love a good cuppa, you’ll be happy to know that even your used teabags can be put to good use, as shown by these 17 clever tips. How better to appreciate your morning brew, even when you’ve finished it! 

1) Gently exfoliate your skin with the contents of the teabag and a spoon of honey.

And for a special exfoliant for acne scars and marks, add a little rice flour (which you can get in  many supermarkets or Asian food markets).

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2) Black tea contains beneficial acids which can relieve sunburn. Apply the teabag to the relevant area(s).

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3) If your teeth or gums are sore or irritated, apply a teabag for a few moments to provide relief.

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4) Re-infuse the old teabag with water and use this water to rinse your hair after washing it. It will give it an extra shine!

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5) Add used teabags to the earth in your garden to enrich it (particularly with nitrogen). You can also infuse them in the water you use to water your plants.

If you add them to the soil, remember to remove the little labels that are stuck to the string of certain teabags, because unlike the material of the teabag, they take longer disappear, especially if they have a protective plastic coating.

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6) If the tea is strong, you can use two used teabags to make your next cup of tea. Otherwise, you can add a used teabag to a fresh cup of tea to make it stronger.

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