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16 great tips to keep your bathroom clean and fresh

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16 great tips to keep your bathroom clean and fresh
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Do your friends say you spend too much time in the bathroom?  Don’t worry, a lot of us like to pamper and preen ourselves plus it is important to give yourself some “you time”! It is a place where we can relax, forget about everything that’s been bothering us and feel good. Nevertheless it is also a place which needs to be cleaned and any tips on how to clean and freshen your bathroom are much appreciated! Here are 16 tips which will give you a helping hand although it might mean you spend even more time in the bathroom.  It is for good reason! 

1) Tie eucalyptus branch to your shower head

The soft scents that are released with the hot water will relax you.  It is great for your nasal passages and also relaxes and reinvigorates you!

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2) Rub traces of limescale with half a lemon and your taps will be glistening!

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3) If your hair is frizzy, dry it in a cotton t-shirt.

This is the tip to remember if you have curly hair! You don’t have to change your beauty routine or your favourite products but it will make all the difference to your hair.

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4) You can rub limescale with waxed paper. The results are surprising!

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5) You can get rid of the most stubborn marks with half a grapefruit and some salt!

Limescale marks that are encrusted into you bath tub or rust will not stand a chance against this method. You might be interested to read our article on surprising techniques to get rid of limescale.

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6) Dryer wipes are excellent at getting rid of water marks on your shower panes

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