15 tips to use empty Kinder Surprise tubs

15 tips to use empty Kinder Surprise tubs
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Sometimes you wonder what children love about Kinder Surprises.  Is it the chocolate that they gobble up in three seconds flat (including the time to lick their fingers) or is it the toy that is hidden inside the egg? Whatever the case the little, yellow plastic container that houses the toy is quickly forgotten about.  The empty shell often makes it’s way into the bin or is left forgotten in a corner.  However this little object has unlimited uses.  Here are just some examples of how to use your empty Kinder Surprise tubs!  

1) Slip your headphones inside to protect and avoid them  from getting tangled up.

2) Pierce a few holes so that you can use it as a toothpick holder.

3) Make your own little match box that you can take with you wherever, especially when you go camping.  A perfect space saver!

Use your scissors to cut a little piece of the brown material that you use to light the match.  Stick the piece inside the tub and then fill the tub with your matches.

4) Make a hole in the tub and use it as a place to store your child’s unfinished lollipop.

This is much better than throwing it out or letting it stick to everything inside you hand bag!

5) With a cutter remove a section of the tub and you can then use it as a toothbrush holder.

The brush will also be better protected when you go on holiday.