15 tips for solving everyday wardrobe nuisances

15 tips for solving everyday wardrobe nuisances
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When something small goes wrong during the day, stress can lead us to thinking it’s the end of the world. A ladder in your tights and an unexpected stain on your clothes is enough to ruin your day. Add a pair of shoes that is giving you blisters and it’s enough to make you think the whole world is against you!

However, if there is one thing that Granny believes, it’s that every little problem has its solution! And these are often quick and ridiculously effective. How better to continue your day in peace!

1) Are your shoes too tight?

Put on a pair of thick socks underneath the shoes in question and give them a blast of hot air for a few minutes.


2) To stop a ladder in your tights from getting bigger, spray them with hairspray and finish off with some clear nail polish.

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3) Are your glasses sliding down? Transparent nail varnish will keep them in place.

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4) Get rid of lipstick stains with hairspray.

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5) Did you know that shaving foam is the sworn enemy of dye stains?

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