15 Great tricks using Coca Cola for cleaning, washing, cooking…

15 Great tricks using Coca Cola for cleaning, washing, cooking…
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We already know the shocking negative impact Coca-Cola can have on your health. It is best to not be consumed but instead used in your daily tasks. Here are 15 tricks using Coca Cola which will surprise you, and should put you off from drinking it! If it can clean and strip paint, it shouldn’t be in our bodies! 

1) On clothes

Remove grease stains


The carbonic and phosphoric acids contained in Coca can remove grease stains from your clothes. Pour a glass of coca into your machine and add your usual washing powder: it’s magic! In addition, coca lets you remove difficult odors such as the smell of gasoline that can be hard to get rid of.

Against blood stains


Mix Coca Cola and your cleaning product for clothes and using a toothbrush, rub onto the blood stain before putting it to the machine.

Against felt tip marks

Soak the stain in coca cola and let  it stand a few minutes before cleaning with soapy water.

2) For your car

Rust metal bumper- use aluminium foil and wipe rust off!


To remove mosquitoes

Pour over your car to remove mosquitoes that have gotten stuck on your vehicule

To clean your engine and make your battery last longer


Phosphoric acid will help clean the engines. Moreover, this would combat the phenomenon of corrosion of the battery. Using Coca Cola to maintain it would therefore keep it in good condition for longer.

To polish your chrome alloy wheels


Your alloys aren’t shiny enough. Using a clean cloth, wipe over the chome.

Defrost a windscreen

The drink will melt the ice faster and your windscreen will be all clean!

3) A mosquito and bug trap

Cut the bottle at two thirds. Leave a bottom of soda (coca or other) or a bottom of brown sugar and turn the neck so that what gets caught doesn’t get out.

4) To soothe a sting


Unless you are a fan of vinegar like granny, chances are you do not have vinegar in your beach bag to relieve and treat the sting. But you will find on the other hand easily Coca Cola not far from the beach so that you can pour it onto the painful area.

In addition, you can also test it on mosquito or bee stings because it is very effective!

5) Remove traces of burnt food and dirt encrusted with this drink


Put in the pan and allow the acid in the beverage to act for 30min. You can also use it on your kettles.

6) Clean your floors


Whether indoors, on tiled floor, parquet or even in the garage, Coca Cola has no equal to remove the worst spots. Put Coca Colain a bucket filled with a little water and use this to remove stains. Then rinse with water to prevent it from sticking.

You can also put it on the oil stain spots of your garage floor, leave a little action and then rinse.

7)Against rust + on silverware, on coins or on copper objects


Rub the rusty areas or soak your pieces in Coca Cola to find them as new. You can also use a cloth soaked with Coca Cola on your copper objects for an unstoppable effect against tarnishing. Make your silverware shine with the same process.

8) A multi surface cleaner


You can use Coca Cola in your bathroom against limescale stains, in your kitchen for a more than clean work surface or on your windows. All this can be done easily with a cloth soaked in soda!

9) Removing chewing gum


Does your child have chewing gum in their hair? You left a chewing gum and impossible to remove all traces? Try removing it with a cloth soaked in coca.

10) Against hair dye


Rinse the hair with Coca Cola to get rid of unwanted hair colour. If the colour hasn’t worked or does not suit you, test with Coca Cola to get rid of it faster by dissolving the coloring.

Coca Cola is also a great way to better define your curls if you clean your hair with.

11) Cooking

A marinade

Coca Cola can make the meat softer and reduce the cooking time of your meats if you use it in your marinades.

To glace ham


The flavor of Coca Cola is an excellent choice to glaze your ham and give it a very good taste.

13) To make documents look old


Spray Coca Cola on the document and allow it to dry for a few moments before removing the excess with paper towels.

14) Make your toilet bowl shine

Pour some coca cola into the loo bowl over night to work its magic. Scrub with a brush the next morning and flush away to reveal a clean loo!

15) Remove paint off metal surfaces


Leave Coca Cola in the area or place a soaked towel, let it act a few hours and then scratch well with a scraper. The paint will leave easily.

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